Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Lounge - Sun Valley, CA

It was after the ReVybe event in downtown LA (see Aug. 11th post) that a couple of bboys introduced me to The U-Turn Lounge. Apparently, it is a very popular underground hip-hop venue. And even though it's located deep in the Valley, people drive from all parts of So. Cal to get there. On this particular night, two bboy crews were doing battle. Thanks to D1 (co-founder) for letting me shoot that night. (The other co-founder is the legendary "Puppet Master" from back in the day.)
  • Watch it here!

  • You can visit The Lounge on MySpace.


    Blogger pamcakes said...

    thats pretty awesome! I love that theBBoys are congregating all the way to the Val.

    9:44 PM  
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