Monday, January 09, 2006

The Kids of Widney High @ Mr. T's Bowl

Straight from their big screen debut in Johnny Knoxville's movie "The Ringer," the Kids of Widney High were treating their legion of fans to a rocking evening at the famous Mr. T's bowl in Highland Park, CA. this past Friday. The 7 members (not including their backup band) were belting out their soon-to-be classic headbanging hits such as "I Make My Teachers Mad," "Miss Understood," and "Act Your Age" to name just a few.

If you have no idea who these kids are, check out their website here and then come back and watch their performance. You'll also see an interview I did with one of the band members Daniel.

Thanks to Andy from the band "8-Bit" and the gang from KWH.

Check out the video here! [4:39 / 28.2MB QT] Sorry, the file's a bit bulky.


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