Monday, August 22, 2005

Hot Caulk Sandwich Party

I like parties with a theme. But what the fuck is a "Hot Caulk Sandwich Party?" I had to drive down to Atwater Village to find out. The beer was flowing, the music was pumping and the hot caulk sandwiches were...uh, well, begging to be eaten. What you'll see is the blurry result of a fun-filled evening... and early morning. If by the end of the video you're still scratching your head, don't fret, so was I. Thanks Dawn and Alayna!
  • Feel the Caulk here!
  • [3:55/14.1MB - QT]
    Update: Recompressed file. It's 8 MB smaller! And a little revised editing.

    You can also see Alayna and Dawn (and their artwork) in the Art Throb post 8/15/05.


    Blogger Tony Mora said...

    Um, where's the video? Why you always making videos with Illya in them anyways? You know her head is gonna explode!

    11:19 AM  
    Blogger Joel said...

    Time to do one at the Casa De Mora to document some Halo action!

    12:23 PM  
    Anonymous KONG said...

    OMG, that was freakin great. Really diggin the time lapse but most of all your clever cuts to compliment your storyline. Dang i missed out :(

    10:01 PM  
    Blogger Joel said...

    Thanks Kong. You'll have to go next time. You inspired the time lapse action.

    10:58 PM  
    Anonymous Kong said...

    Thanks, but you did it way better :) The spider spindling his web was really dope.

    12:27 AM  
    Anonymous elo said...

    "What....are you leaving man!" Classic!


    1:03 AM  
    Anonymous Johnnyrlli said...

    OMG, that was freakin great. Really diggin the time lapse but most of all your clever cuts to compliment your storyline. Dang i missed out :(

    5:12 PM  
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