Monday, October 17, 2005

Mashup Music - Part 2

In this final installment, I took my camera down to the Bootie LA event in Echo Park, CA to see firsthand how the locals get down to bootleg music. And the segment wouldn't be complete without a few words from "the man."

  • Watch the video here!
  • [3:32 /17.51MB QT]

    Thanks to Rich Dickerson, Jonathan Miller, Scott Cresto and Dan Butler.


    Anonymous KONG said...

    Your really doing a great job in covering this music subject and your editing just keeps getting better. Keep it up homie.

    7:54 PM  
    Anonymous m.boob. said...

    yes, the videos are great. but let's talk about how 'fabulous' you look dancing in that blonde wig and the black sexy outfit. wow! hello, total fabulous city!

    3:28 AM  
    Blogger Adrian said...

    Ooops! That Bootie LA link is a bit messed up... it's Thanks, Joel, for the great interview and video!

    10:50 AM  
    Blogger Joel said...

    Hey Adrian! Sorry about that. I fixed it so it should work now.

    Thanks again for helping me out.

    11:06 AM  
    Anonymous frienemy said...

    i like this, but it just isn't the same unless you're acually there.

    11:48 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey joel ... that QT link isn't working... or is it just me? - Lili

    12:40 AM  
    Blogger Joel said...

    Maybe the place where I host the video was down. But it's working now. I just checked it.

    8:21 AM  
    Blogger flyguy said...

    excellent interview, well edited, & directed. Nice one sir.

    3:55 AM  
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