Monday, January 30, 2006

Tim Biskup Drops Acid

Thursday, Kid Robot released their newest dunny designed by LA artist Tim Biskup. Called the "Acid Head," it was Tim's psychedelic interpretation of what a toon might look like if he were trippin'. Fans lined the block eager to get their hands on this limited run and to get his signature. The line moved pretty slow, but that was only because Tim took the time to pretty much draw custom art for each and every fan. What a guy.

I picked one up for myself. He drew a face on its forehead. Oh yeah.

Thanks to Ace, KC, Yvonne, Atushi, Jason and John of Kid Robot and Jack of

Check out the video here! [2:40 / 15.81 MB QT]

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Beck? Hell Yes!

How does a relatively unknown band from Highland Park get to remix a track for famed musician Beck?

Find out by watching the video. [1:19 / 8mb QT]

Monday, January 16, 2006

8-BIT says to "Sucka My Dick!"

Got a real late start editing this one together and I'm dead tired. So I'll keep this entry short and sweet.

Nothing I say can describe this band better than the way they describe themselves.

"If the Beastie Boys and NWA raped an old school Nintendo and they had a baby..."

Ladies and gents, I present to you..."8-Bit."

Check out this rare interview. [2:30 / 16.88MB QT]

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Kids of Widney High @ Mr. T's Bowl

Straight from their big screen debut in Johnny Knoxville's movie "The Ringer," the Kids of Widney High were treating their legion of fans to a rocking evening at the famous Mr. T's bowl in Highland Park, CA. this past Friday. The 7 members (not including their backup band) were belting out their soon-to-be classic headbanging hits such as "I Make My Teachers Mad," "Miss Understood," and "Act Your Age" to name just a few.

If you have no idea who these kids are, check out their website here and then come back and watch their performance. You'll also see an interview I did with one of the band members Daniel.

Thanks to Andy from the band "8-Bit" and the gang from KWH.

Check out the video here! [4:39 / 28.2MB QT] Sorry, the file's a bit bulky.

Monday, January 02, 2006

A "GIANT" New Years Eve FIASCO


Sounds impossible but it happened. The largest outdoor New Years eve party sponsored by "soon-to-be-out-of-business" GIANT was suddenly canceled just hours before it was to start. 15,000 angry and confused party goers were turned away by security guards only to be told that it was the fire marshall that shut it down. But apparently, that wasn't the case. It was the GIANT promoters themselves that pulled the plug. Hey guys, you printed "rain or shine" on the tickets what part of that do you not understand? Maybe it was for the best. Who really wants to ring in the New Year watching the "Black Eyed Peas"? I heard they got a backup gig at the JC Penny's office party.

Watch video
from the closed "GIANT" gates and see what my girlfriend and I did instead.

By the way, this video was all shot on my Casio EX-S500 camera!

Click here to watch! [0:55 / 6MB QT]