Sunday, February 26, 2006

Midnight Ridazz!!! - Part 2

So much action I had to split it up into two parts. Enjoy the 2nd half of the "Midnight Ridazz" bike ride through LA.

It's a bit long, so expect a longer download.

Check it out video here! [3:05 / 17.9MB QT]

Hey Pam! It's your video debut!

And to the haters I encountered. Eat me. [0:20 / 2 MB QT]

Friday, February 24, 2006

Help Support Acme Gamestore on Feb. 27!

If you're free this Monday night, you might want to go to this event and help out a few good guys.

"Acme Game Store is owned by Jason Jones and Jonathan Bryant. They sell video games. Why? Because video games are fun... On December 12th approximately eight ICE (some new law enforcement agency attached to Homeland Security) agents raided Acme Game Store in riot gear with shotguns in hand. They confiscated 3 modified XBOXs and all Microsoft games in bulk. They have each been charged with a felony account of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and for violating "The Digital Millennium Copyright Act." The charge of conspiracy carries a maximum penalty of 17 years in federal prison. 17 fuckin years in prison. Think about that. For allegedly selling a video game system that had been modified...a video game system. "Yo man? Whach ya in for?" C'mon..."

If you haven't seen the piece I did on Acme, you can check it out here. [2:00 / 23.98 MB QT]

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Midnight Ridazz!!! - Part 1

It was their 2 year anniversary and there was love in the air, or was that chronic. Midnight Ridazz is a gathering of bike riders who meet every 2nd Friday of the month to take over the streets of LA. And as the name implies this doesn't happen during business hours. This month's theme was "I Heart My Bike" but only a few really got into the spirit by decking out their ridez with heart shaped balloons or red firey sex-flames. Two guys wore wrestling masks, maybe they love eachother... who knows. This trip started out at Echo Park and Sunset and toured all through Glendale, Silverlake and then up to Dodger Stadium. Some may say that Midnight Ridazz is a celebration of the biking culture, others may say it's a public protest against our dependence on oil, I say it's an excuse for 600 20-somethings to party on 2 wheels. But that's just me.

In all honesty, if you haven't done it before, you should try it.

Check out the video here!
[2:54 / 16.7MB QT]

Special thanks to Pam for reminding me about this month's ride and for getting me off my ass. And a HUGE thank you to Eddie Mort for navigating me through the crazy traffic on his Vespa and risking major traffic tickets.

There's more footage so I broke it up into two parts. So stay tuned.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Shot Callers Bikes

I had my own Schwinn back in the 80's but never imagined it could be transformed into a work of art. Shot Callers is a bike club from the San Fernando Valley that specializes in custom old school rides. Starting with original frames they add details such as twisted forks, over-spoked rims, spinners, etched seats, upholstery and custom paint to transform these everyday modes of transportation to elite show pieces. I'm thinking about getting one for myself.

Special thanks to Pringle for introducing me to the club and to Eric, Mike, Robert and Cesar of Shot Callers.

Watch the video here! [2:42 / 16 MB QT]

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Thomas Han on "Painkiller"

My favorite dunny of the LA Series is Thomas Han.'s "Painkiller." I wanted to include his interview in the last video but thought instead to have it be it's own piece.

Watch the video here! [1:36 / 8.3 MB QT]

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

LA Dunny Series @ Gallery 1988

I stopped putting up the Quicktime window graphic because I thought it looked ugly and I figured if you hadn't figured it out by now that I post video clips, well then, you're pretty stupid and should probably stop coming here.

Anyway, this past month has been an exciting one for the vinyl figure community. First, Tim Biskup debuted his Acid Head dunny and last week Kid Robot released their LA Dunny Series at Gallery 1988 in Hollywood. It was a fun evening and I even lucked out and got a Gold Baseman..... oh yeah! And if anybody wants to give me an Obey or Buffmonster, I'll gladly take it.

Check out the video here! [2:50 / 17.5 MB QT]

Thanks to Paul Budnitz and everyone at Kid Robot.

Ok, that's it for the vinyl figure videos for a while. On to new subjects, like low rider bicycles. That's coming up next week!