Friday, February 24, 2006

Help Support Acme Gamestore on Feb. 27!

If you're free this Monday night, you might want to go to this event and help out a few good guys.

"Acme Game Store is owned by Jason Jones and Jonathan Bryant. They sell video games. Why? Because video games are fun... On December 12th approximately eight ICE (some new law enforcement agency attached to Homeland Security) agents raided Acme Game Store in riot gear with shotguns in hand. They confiscated 3 modified XBOXs and all Microsoft games in bulk. They have each been charged with a felony account of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and for violating "The Digital Millennium Copyright Act." The charge of conspiracy carries a maximum penalty of 17 years in federal prison. 17 fuckin years in prison. Think about that. For allegedly selling a video game system that had been modified...a video game system. "Yo man? Whach ya in for?" C'mon..."

If you haven't seen the piece I did on Acme, you can check it out here. [2:00 / 23.98 MB QT]